G’vurah and Torah Trope Challenge

Sundays – LaBriut
This last Sunday we began our third unit in the LaBriut curriculum, called G’vurah. G’vurah can be defined as strength and might, or using one’s power for good. Parents can get a sense of what this next unit in this introduction video here:

Throughout this unit, students will be creating a comic book based on the story of a Jewish hero and themselves. Learners will learn to see their own strengths and how they can use those strengths to help others.

Wednesdays – Trope
We are coming close to the end of our Torah Trope unit. Today, our students will be introduced to the last clause family of trope, סגל Segol. We have also been working on the blessings before and after Torah. To conclude our Torah Trope unit, each student will complete Torah Trope Challenge, a two part assignment on Flipgrid. During a regular, in-person year, the students would have the opportunity to chant Torah Trope challenge for me individually in class. As we are not in-person, Flipgrid will have to suffice for our assessment. Torah Trope Challenge will be due by Wednesday, February 10th. The students are well prepared to take on this challenge. They must chant the blessings before and after Torah, and then chant the V’ahavta using trope signs. Morah Erin and I will be continuing to practice with the students in class, and encourage you to remind your students to also practice at home. There are many resources to help you and your student to prepare:

Blessings Before and After Torah (pdf)
Video of Blessings for Torah:

V’ahavta (pdf)
Vahavta (pdf color-coded)
Recording of V’ahavta in trope
Video of V’ahavta in trope with hand-signs:

The Flipgrid Torah Trope Challenge assignments are here and due Wednesday, February 10th:

Part 1 – Chant the V’ahavta in Trope: https://flipgrid.com/3aa0ac30

Part 2 – Chant the Blessings Before and After Torah: https://flipgrid.com/ceeb0ea3

Completion of the Torah Trope Challenge, ensures that our students have practiced and developed enough comprehension of Torah trope, that Morah Erin and I will then be able to continue on to Haftarah Trope, our new unit of study. Please contact myself or Morah Erin if you have any questions or concerns. We will announce the challenge in class today.

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