Prayers for Home

Prayers for Use at Home

Prayer books: Mishkan T’filah for Shabbat, and Mishkan T’filah for Weekdays and Festivals, published by the CCAR.

Blessing for Children

Page 299 in MT:
Blessing for a Boy

Blessing for a Girl

Priestly Benediction (for both Boys and Girls) – H. Fromm

Gender Neutral Blessing / LGBTQ Blessing from Keshet

Candle Lighting

Page 2 in MT:
Candle Lighting for Shabbat – A. W. Binder

Page 120 in MT for Festivals:
Candle Lighting for Festival/Yom Tov – A. W. Binder

Kiddush (Evening)

Evening pages 4-5 in MT:
Vay’hi Erev / Vay’chulu HaShamayim

Shabbat Evening Kiddush – chanted

Kiddush (Morning)

Pages 300-301 in MT:
Shabbat Saturday Morning Kiddush: V’sham’ru – M. Rothblum, Blessing – chanted

Page 341 in MT for Festivals:
Kiddush for Festival Morning – chanted


Page 302 in MT:
Motzi (Blessing before meals) – chanted

Birkat HaMazon For Shabbat

Page 302-304 in MT:
Shir Hama’alot – Traditional

Birkat HaMazon (Blessing After Eating) – Traditional
chanted with the help of my children


Page 306 in MT:
LaY’hudim – Noam Katz

Pages 308-310 in MT:
Blessings for Havdallah: Wine, Spices, Light, and Separation – Debbie Friedman

Shavua Tov – Traditional

Page 312 in MT:
Eliyahu HaNavi – Traditional