Prayer and Worship at TBI

Worship Adonai with gladness! Come into God’s presence with singing. (Psalm 100:2)

These prayers were recorded live at Temple Beth Israel in Skokie, IL in 5780 / 2019-2020 for the purposes of education for the congregation.

Rabbi Michael Weinberg, guitar and voice
Director of Music Marla Aviva Bentley, voice and conductor
TBI Accompanist Jennifer McCabe, piano
Koleynu: The Temple Beth Israel Adult Choir
Special guests include: Rob Weinberg, guitar and voice, Christopher Mahieu, piano, Philip Seward, piano

Prayer books: Mishkan T’filah for Shabbat, and Mishkan T’filah for Weekdays and Festivals, published by the CCAR.

Primary sources of music include Shireinu and Gates of Song, available for purchase from Transcontinental Music Publishing, or directly from linked composers. Temple Beth Israel is licensed to stream through JLicense: #A-700135.

To stream Shabbat, Holiday and Festival services:

To read my articles on music and prayer, go to the Chai Notes column of the TBI Bulletin.

When we sing, we pray twice.

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Resources for learning more about Jewish Music and Prayer

Prayer books:

Mishkan T’filah Online Prayer Book (Weekdays, Festivals and Shabbat) – Online Flip Book from CCAR Press

Mishkan T’filah: A Reform Siddur (CCAR Press) – our TBI prayer book used in services

Mishkan T’filah for Traveler’s (CCAR Press) – 6th grade classroom prayer book

B’chol L’vavcha by Rabbi Harvey Fields


Siddur Audio – Traditional nusach (chanting) of prayers of the Torah Service

Kakatuv – Prayers in Hebrew with direct transliteration and translation

Cantor Jamie Marx – Cantor Marx sings the prayers of a Shabbat Service including the Torah Service and Concluding Prayers

JGateways – Prayers and Blessings with Visual Supports

Milken Archive of Jewish Music


The Structure of the Jewish Prayer Service by Rabbi Wendi Geffen

Mi Shebeirach by Rabbi Reni Dickman

What is the Kaddish? by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

Chanting the Shabbat Blessings from Reform Judaism

Online Articles:

My Jewish Learning Article on 50 Common Hebrew Words Found in Prayer

Excerpt from B’chol L’vavcha by Harvey Fields: The Aliyah and the Torah Service

Article by Rabbi Daniel Kohn The Torah Service

Article by Rabbi Daniel Kohn Siddur Contents: Shabbat Liturgy

Article by Shira Schoenberg Reading the Torah

Reform Judaism Article Shabbat Worship Services

Article by Ronald Eisenberg on Hagbah and Gelilah Explained (V’zot HaTorah)

Reform Judaism Article on Mi Shebeirach

Jewish Learning Matters Article on Debbie Friedman’s Mi Shebeirach

Reform Judaism Article on Aleinu

Reform Judaism Article on Mourner’s Kaddish

Music and Jewish Prayer from My Jewish Learning

Development of Reform Jewish Music by Cantor Mary Thomas from Reform Judaism