Haftarah Trope and K’hillah Unit

My apologies, it has been a few weeks since I have last had the opportunity to update our class blog. So much has happened, here is a recap:

Wednesdays – Haftarah Trope
After our students successfully completed the Torah Trope Challenge, we began our second and final Hebrew unit for this year, Haftarah Trope. Haftarah Trope shares all the same attributes as Torah Trope, except one. Both share the same symbols, the same clause families, the same color-coding, the same rules about each symbol, the same functions (as a m’chaber/connector or as a mafsik/separator), and where the symbol is placed still determines the syllabic stress of the word. The one difference is the melody; Haftarah has its own unique melody. In our first weeks of learning this new unit, the students have already learned:

  1. Sof-Pasuk Clause: https://flipgrid.com/6d2cc155
  2. Etnachta Clause: https://flipgrid.com/84932580
  3. Katon Clause Part 1: https://flipgrid.com/0e1f00d6

The materials for Haftarah Trope, are the second half of the Trope packet, beginning with the blessings before and after haftarah, a trope clause sheet, and an example of Haftarah from Isaiah 54:1-10, the Haftarah that corresponds to Ki Teitzei. Like in Torah Trope, we have learned to identify the symbol, place each within their clause, chant using a hand-sign, and then identify the clauses within the Haftarah example and the Blessings before Haftarah. The students are doing beautifully in this new unit! Please encourage your student to keep practicing and record their Flipgrid challenges each week.

Sundays – LaBriut: K’hillah Unit

This Sunday, we began the fourth unit of the LaBriut Curriculum, K’hillah! K’hillah means community or a group with the following characteristics:

  1. Feel like they belong to the K’hillah/community
  2. Feel connected to other members
  3. Feel like they need to help each other
  4. Are together for a reason – there is something to do or accomplish

We talked a lot about how there are different types of K’hillah or communities within the greater Jewish community: TBI, the JCC, OSRUI/other Jewish summer camp, NFTY, BBYO, Federation of Chicago, the Ark, Keshet (LGBTQ+), ARZA, the URJ, etc. This week, your student will ask for an interview with you or a member of your family, to talk about your experience connecting to a K’hillah, or the Jewish community. You can discuss how you feel connected to a specific volunteer effort, camp, temple, or other organization. Then your student will prepare to interview a member of the Jewish community. The first interview is an assignment through Flipgrid, K’hillah #1: https://flipgrid.com/52f98715. Thank you for taking the time to talk with your student about how you or another family member is connected to a K’hillah!


  • This Sunday, March 14th is Daylight Savings – Spring FORWARD one hour!
  • Sunday, March 14 at 11:00 is B’nai Mitzvah Seminar, if you have not yet received your student’s B’nai Mitzvah booklet, please contact Mari in the TBI office.  We will be meeting your student’s mentor at this B’nai Mitzvah seminar.
  • If you have not yet ordered your Yad, please review the list Mari sent, and place your student’s order.

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