Prayer and Worship at TBI – High holy Days

Worship Adonai with gladness! Come into God’s presence with singing. (Psalm 100:2)

Prayers for High Holy Days were recorded live at Temple Beth Israel in Skokie and Evanston Township High School. Services led by Rabbi Michael Weinberg, Director of Music, Marla Aviva Bentley (conductor and voice), Jennifer McCabe, piano, Elizabeth Anderson, cello, and the Temple Beth Israel High Holy Day Choir. 5781 HHD Quartet: Nancy Wiebe Mazurowski, Marissa Simmons, Philip Seward, Brian Hupp. Music Videos for HHDs 5781 production by Steve Eisen of Eisen Video Productions.

Prayer books: Mishkan HaNefesh for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur available for purchase by contacting Temple Beth Israel

Primary sources of music include Yamim Noraim Volume I and II, edited by Samuel Adler, and Shirei T’shuvah: Songs of Repentance, available for purchase from Transcontinental Music Publishing, or directly from linked composers. Temple Beth Israel is licensed to stream through JLicense: #A-700135.

To stream HHD services, go to https://tbiskokie.org/.

To read my articles on music and prayer, go to the Chai Notes column of the TBI Bulletin.

When we sing, we pray twice.

Page 6 in MN Rosh HaShanah:
Hashiveinu – Traditional

Zochreinu – Goldfarb

Shalom Rav – Ben Steinberg

Sim Shalom – Max Janowski

Pages 77, 223 MN Rosh HaShanah, and pages 115, 253, 429, 664 MN Yom Kippur:
Avinu Malkeinu – Max Janowski

Avinu Malkeinu – Folk

Page 60 in MN Rosh HaShanah and Page 72 in MN Yom Kippur:
R’tzei – Stephen Richards

Page 174 in MN Rosh HaShanah and page 208 in MN Yom Kippur:
Un’taneh Tokef – Lewandowksi

Page 16 in MN Yom Kippur:
Or Zarua – Mark Lipson

Page 18 in MN Yom Kippur:
Kol Nidrei – H. Fromm/S. Adler
with Elizabeth Anderson, cello

Page 82 and 416 in MN Yom Kippur:
Tavo L’fanecha – Max Janowski

Sue Reisberg, soloist

Pages 87, 90, 302, 306, 419, 421 in MN Yom Kippur:
V’al Kulam – Folk/M. Feinsinger

Page 98 in MN Yom Kippur:
Sh’ma Koleinu –
Max Helfman

Pages 70, 220 MN Rosh Hashanah, and pages 81, 250, 410 MN Yom Kippur:
Yih’yu L’ratzon – Srul Glick

Pages 100, 105, 107, 644, 646, 648 MN Yom Kippur:
Adonai, Adonai – Max Janowski

Choir Anthems

Heal Us Now – Leon Sher

Ki Eilecha – Shirona/C. Osborne


Enosh – Lewandowski

Page 312 in MT for Festivals and page 593 in MN Yom Kippur:
Adonai Roi (Psalm 23) – Gerald Cohen

Page 313 in MT for Festivals and page 556 in MN Yom Kippur:
Esa Einai – David Shukiar

Commissioned by Temple Beth Israel in Honor of our Centennial

Esa Einai – Ben Steinberg