Sukkat Shalom Week 2 and Sof-Pasuk

Sukkat Shalom Week #2
Today we continued to expand our definition of Sukkat Shalom סכת שלום (a shelter of peace) to include feelings and people, not just places or spaces. We heard the story of Rabbi Hillel in Snow from Talmud, Yoma 35b, as told by Rabbi Phyllis Sommer. The students and I imagined how Hillel must have felt when the Rabbi’s cared for him physically, when they could have reprimanded his disobedience. We then explored how our faces, eyes and expressions can show emotion, and feelings, and show someone that you care. To further the student’s understanding of these concepts, they should complete the 2nd Sukkat Shalom Challenge on Flipgrid:

You can keep the learning going each week at home, by engaging in the weekly Family Schmooze! Click here to read this week’s Family Schmooze topics.

Mitzvah Points
At the start of class I gave the students the chance to update their Mitzvah Points goals with anything they did this past week – attend services (36 MP), caught being a mensch (18), and their Flipgrid challenges (50-100 MP). To see how your student is doing visit our Mitzvah Points log: Remember to let me know if you have caught your student being a mensch this week (doing a mitzvah, helping someone, going the extra mile etc.).

Trope – Sof-Pasuk Clause
Wednesday, we continued working on Torah Trope through the first clause of Sof-Pasuk. The students have been practicing chanting this clause and using the hand signs. Each pod worked toward identifying the different variations of Sof-Pasuk in the prayer V’ahavta, and color-coding them in pink highlighter. Sof-Pasuk means “end of verse” and is a clause that acts like a period, to complete a sentence. There are 7 verses of Torah in the V’ahavta, and therefore, 7 Sof-Pasuk clauses. To demonstrate each student’s understanding of this clause, the student’s will complete the Sof-Pasuk Flipgrid assignment: This assignment is due on Wednesday, October 28 if you are in Morah Marla’s pods, and on Wednesday, November 4 for Morah Erin’s pod. There will be a new Flipgrid trope assignment for each week, due the following week.

You can view your student’s work on Flipgrid anytime,, by using our parent/visitor code: #TBI6thMAB

Morah Erin and I hope you have a wonderful week, we will see your students on Wednesday.

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