Online Resources, Articles, and Websites for Hebrew/Religious School

Torah/Tanach – Bible
Sefaria (Free)

  • Access the amazing Sefaria Website on your iPhone/iPad
  • Sefaria delivers 3,000 years of Jewish texts in Hebrew and English translation (Torah, Tanakh, Mishnah, Talmud, and more)

Pocket Torah (Free)

  • Tikkun – easily switch between Hebrew with vowels and trope and the Tikkun view
  • Complete list of Torah Readings (listed in both Hebrew and transliteration)
  • Divided by Aliyah, Maftir and corresponding Haftarah reading
  • Translation feature
  • Audio feature (only drawback is Traditional trope, not Reform Standard)

Pocket Trope (Free)

  • Trope (Cantillation) for Torah, Haftarah, Megillot, and HHDs
  • Trope clauses divided into easy to use phrases
  • Traditional style Cantillation, not Reform Standard (what we use at TBI)

Ivrit – Hebrew Language

Duolingo (Free)

  • Build Hebrew vocabulary and language skills with listening, reading and writing
  • Customized lessons based on skills testing
  • Fun, game like app

Hebrew Flashcards (Free)

  • Aleph-Bet letters, vowels and sofit specific flashcards
  • View letters in Book, Block, Cursive, and Ancient
  • Practice and Quiz modes – focus on names, characters or pronunciation

Touch of Hebrew (Free)

  • Uses short Hebrew videos featuring Israeli kids in basic conversations and exchanges
  • Additional activities use pictures, puzzles and bubble games to match vocabulary and phrases
  • Introduces vocabulary, short phrases and questions in context
  • Lessons: Who Am I? My Family, Numbers, Birthday, Where I Live, Food and My School

Hebrew Wordpower (Free)

  • 10 Lessons of 10 vocabulary words each
  • Hebrew vocabulary word and transliteration
  • Audio – listen to a native speaker recite each word
  • Lessons: Numbers, Colors, Feelings, Verbs, Adjectives, Greetings, Rooms in the House, In the Garden, Fruits and Vegetables, Food
  • Hebrew is written without vowels

Learn Hebrew Pod: Learn to Speak Conversational Hebrew (Free)

  • Learn to speak conversational Hebrew the way it is spoken in Israel
  • Practice your Hebrew pronunciation and accent while expanding your vocabulary and conversational skills with sabra native Israeli teachers
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Note these podcast intro lessons are free, need to purchase the rest of the lesson

Essential Hebrew (Free)

  • First two lessons are free: Essential Expressions, and People and the Family
  • Uses pictures, audio, Hebrew text and optional transliteration to teach vocabulary
  • Practice conversations with audio playback
  • Games for practice: Bubbles, Multiple Choice, and Memory Match
  • Lessons 3-10 must be purchased to access ($3.99)
  • Intermediate and Advanced Hebrew lessons also available for purchase ($3.99 each) or $9.99 for the Complete Hebrew Course

The AlephBet App: Learn the Hebrew AlephBet (Free)

  • Over thirty Hebrew words & three games:
    • Matching: Drag the letters to spell the illustrated word
    • Trace & Say: Practice writing and repeating each letter
    • Letter Find: Touch the letter before the train leaves the screen
  • Block, Script, Rashi & Proto-Canaanite letters available

Unlimited Alef-Bet (Free) by Behrman House

  • Simple Alef-Bet game for younger students
  • Options for including English Translation and Vowels

Ma Kore (Free)

  • Beginner and Intermediate Lessons
  • Most lessons available for free: Consonants, Greetings, Mah Sh’lomcha?, Social Etiquette phrases, Meeting People, Talking about other languages, Mishpacha, Colors, Numbers, Months and Seasons, etc.
  • All lessons include flashcards, games, and audio play
  • To access all 54 lessons, you need to purchase “Pangaea Passport” ($9.99)

Hebrew Milon: Dictionary Box (Free)

  • Hebrew-English Dictionary for iPad and iPhone

KwizWiz (Free)

  • Timed trivia quizzes about Jewish subjects: Culture, Bible, History, Israel, Practice and Values
  • Age appropriate for Middle School to Adults
  • Single or Multiple Player; a Game Center app
  • Highly engaging

T’filah – Prayer
Siddur Audio

  • Traditional nusach (chanting) of prayers of the Torah Service


  • Prayers in Hebrew with direct transliteration and translation

Cantor Jamie Marx

  • Cantor Marx sings the prayers of a Shabbat Service including the Torah Service and Concluding Prayers


  • Prayers and Blessings with Visual Supports

Excerpt from B’chol L’vavcha by Harvey Fields: The Aliyah and the Torah Service

Article by Rabbi Daniel Kohn The Torah Service

Article by Rabbi Daniel Kohn Siddur Contents: Shabbat Liturgy

Article by Shira Schoenberg Reading the Torah

Reform Judaism Article Shabbat Worship Services

Reform Judaism Article Aleinu

Kol Yisrael: Batya’s Bubbles & Blessings by Behrman House (Free)

  • T’filot: Shabbat B’rachot, Kiddush, Sh’ma, V’ahavta, Mi Chamocha, Avot v’Imahot, Torah Blessings, Aleinu
  • Prayers are written in Hebrew with translation
  • Audio – listen to a reading of each prayer, ability to record yourself reciting the prayer)
  • Play “Batya’s Bubble” Games to reinforce each prayer
  • Very easy to use
  • No Haftarah Blessings, Bar’chu, or Yotzeir Or

Great Jewish/Hebrew Podcasts:

Jewish Rock Radio Podcast

On the Other Hand: 10 Minutes of Torah (URJ)

Mechod Hadar Online Learning Podcast

Jewish Public Media: Responsa Radio

Hadar Campus Scholars Podcast

Office of Rabbi Sacks

Kehillat Israel Podcast

Ari Goldwag’s Jewish Music Podcast


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