Temple Beth Israel is embracing the לבריאות LaBriut Curriculum. LaBriut: To Our Health and Wellness, is a new curriculum developed by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland. This curriculum is based on 5 Jewish values, or Middot:

סוכת שלום Sukkat Shalom (Shelter of Peace)

Sukkat Shalom Learner/Parent Materials

אמץ לב Ometz Lev (Inner Strength)

Ometz Lev Learner/Parent Materials

גבורה G’vurah (Courage)

G’vurah Learner/Parent Materials

קהלה K’hillah (Community)

K’hillah Learner/Parent Materials

חסד Chesed (Loving Kindness)

Chesed Learner/Parent Materials

Helpful Links

6th Grade Flipgrid for posting assignments:

LaBriut for Learners/Parents:

Zoom Links:

Helpful Videos

The five middot (values) explained in 5 minutes by Erin Levine:

Introduction to LaBriut for parents: