Flipgrid and Our First Sunday

We had a marvelous first day of religious school today! It was great to meet the students and get to know them better. I know a few students were unable to join us this morning, and so I want to take a moment to recap what we covered.

On Sundays we will be learning a new curriculum designed specifically for this year and this time, called LaBriut. I have created an entire page on this website for LaBriut, that includes links to all the learner and parent materials, videos, and more. Beginning next week, we will start with the first lesson or Mifgash (meeting or gathering) of the Sukkat Shalom unit. This week, we learned the terms:

  • Mifgash (meeting or gathering) מפגש
  • K’vutzah (group) קבוצה
  • LaBriut (to your health) לבריאת
  • Brit (covenant) ברית

In order to share the students work and actively engage with one another, we will be using an online platform called Flipgrid. Flipgrid is an educational site that allows students to share their work by creating videos. Each week of Sunday school, the students will receive a challenge video and card. We will start these challenges together, and then students will have the opportunity to work further on their own. When the challenge is complete, they will log on to our class Flipgrid page, and post their responses. They can also comment and engage with other students’ projects in class, with comments and positive feedback.

To login to Flipgrid, click this link: https://flipgrid.com/marlabentley and each student is given their own account (first inital and last name, example Jon Smith would be jsmith). I will include the logins in the email I send this post to you. You will also receive a guest login and password, so parents can view the work and engage. Our Flipgrid page is completely private, and only available to the learners and parents in our class.

All About Me in 30 seconds
Our first Flipgrid assignment is optional, though highly encouraged. Each student can post a video for up to 30 seconds telling us something about themselves. It can be hobbies, favorite foods, or anything they would like the rest of the class to know about. Each student that participates will receive 50 Mitzvah Points for posting, and 10 points for each response.

Sunday Groupings
I think we may have had some confusion today about groups for Sunday – some absences and some folks in the wrong group. So I am going to post here which group your student is supposed to attend:

9:00 am K’vutzah/Group
Eve A.
Samantha B.
Mack B.
Adam K.
Lily L.
Hannah L.
Eleanor R.
Noa S.
Sophie S.
Ethan W.

10:00 am K’vutzah/Group
Hannah B.
Talia B.C.
Lucas B.
Ben C.
Jaedon H.
Charlie K.
Hannah K.
Emilia L.
Josie S.
Ava S.K.
Louis Z.

It may be possible that some of you got an incorrect message from ShulCloud, or simply attended the wrong group by accident. In general, your student should attend your assigned group. However, if a conflict arises (school event, doctor’s appointment etc.) and you need to attend another group or Wednesday pod, please let me know and we are happy for your student to join another group/pod temporarily.

Class Brit ברית
We closed each group of class today by creating a class Brit or covenant. These are promises we pledge as a class, or a mutually agreed upon set of expectations. We discussed that in Torah, the Jewish people had a Brit or covenant with God. The people promised to do certain things (like live according to God’s commandments) and God promised the people to protect them, to make them great, and numerous. Here are the terms each class agreed to:

My promises  to the students as their teacher: I would teach them to the very best of my ability.  I would always listen, as their words matter. I would treat them always with respect, and respect exactly who they are.

The students promises to me and to one another: They will try to do their best. They will respect one another and treat one another with kindness.

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